Summer 2017

Nothing is more human than a book.″ From our point of view, this quote from Marilynne Robinson, American novelist, gets to the heart of why people enjoy reading. Please find below some recommendations selected by heidrich consulting for your summer reading list.

We wish you an inspiring and relaxing summer break!


″The Five Dysfunctions of a Team″ by Patrick Lencioni A must-read for all leaders and those working in teams. Lencioni, an experienced management consultant, tells a compelling story about how a CEO formed a team in a serious business crisis. The reader has the chance to observe how close to the abyss you can step when working with people. It shows that the competitive advantage is teamwork and how this functions at its best. We promise you will be hooked right from the first page and walk away with a hands-on model for immediate use.

″Reinventing Organizations″ by Frederic Laloux A revolutionary approach towards international organisations and what their future might look like. We refer to the illustrated issue which offers a modern view on the topic, using comic strip elements and visualisation, which helps the reader to memorise and highly appeals to those working virtually. By the way, we happened to meet Frederic on a beach last year and found out that we are working in the same business.


″Neapolitan Novels″ I – IV by Elena Ferrante You have probably already heard about the compelling Neapolitan female saga of two girls growing up, becoming women, wives, mothers, and leaders and the complexity of friendship. All four parts have already been published in English, while German readers have to wait until August (part 3) and February 2018 (part 4). If you get your hands on this gem, give your partner a warning that you might not be able to fullfil your family duties until you have finished it – but we promise that won‘t take very long…

″Past Imperfect″ by Julian Fellowes If you liked Downton Abbey, you will love this book about the British Upper Class trying to keep up its snobbery in a changing world. Writer, film director and actor, Julian Fellowes, has written his second book on a topic he knows inside out. Fellowes is a talented observer of characters, with great attention to detail and, of course, British humour. Very amusing, indeed. 

″Salt Water″ by Charles Simmons The story breathes life into childhood memories of seaside holidays. Simmons chose a small peninsula on the US-east coast as the setting for this novel about growing up and first love. A book ripe to discover when you are looking for a perfect summer read.

″Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress″ by Dai Sijie During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, two students have to face exile and re-education in a remote Himalayan mountain village. A book full of irony and optimism about the power of literature and how to survive a dark political period.

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All recommended books are available in English and German

and most of them in many other languages.