We put your needs first.

Trust before task. We are convinced that an internationally dispersed team is able to work efficiently and successfully without having to meet face-to-face on a regular basis. In fact, many high-performing virtual teams have never met in person. Research shows that the level of trust the team is able to establish is the key factor for team success.


Understanding your global business strategy. If you are interested in working with us, we will meet virtually in a video call. Together we will find out what challenges you are facing now and expecting in the future, what you want to accomplish, who should be involved and the timeframe. Starting with your business objectives, we will help you to design a people-centered strategy for the changes or transformations you want to see in the near future.


We practice what we preach. That means we consistently work virtually, ideally with your company’s virtual communication tool. We act as role models and provide our clients with the maximum amount of opportunities to try out new types of behaviour and to develop their individual virtual working or leadership style.

We go one step further than you might expect. Changing mind-sets and working methods is the hardest part. Our focus is on integrating new behaviours into the virtual workplace immediately after practicing them in the safe context of a workshop. Therefore our interventions are short and easy to implement in the busy working day. 

We fully involve leadership. A sustainable change in behaviours requires the strong commitment and involvement of leadership. If you want to change the virtual working culture of a team, a department or the whole organisation, we recommend you involve as many levels of your hierarchy as possible. 


You know best. How to measure success is the issue we are often asked about by our clients. What does success mean for you? The answer differs greatly from client to client. We help to define concrete observable performance criteria with which to measure success for YOU and YOUR TEAMS.


We offer a range of virtual formats and interventions and always chose and combine the most efficient for achieving your objectives.

Please find below detailed descriptions of possible initiatives representing our core expertise. To meet the unique objectives of our clients’, we can adjust them flexibly.

  1. Developing a virtual and mobile working culture
  2. Transforming your online meeting culture
  3. Building high performing virtual teams
  4. Developing virtual leaders
  5. Facilitating an interactive online event
  6. How do design and facilitate interactive online events